Things To Do In Tonga

Things To Do In Tonga

When you take a visit to Tonga you’re sure to have an amazing experience. The culture, the people, the island are all one of a kind. There is nowhere in the world that can match up to the beauty of Tonga. I wanted to give you a rundown of ideas for your trip to Tonga. Below I have listed a few ideas and a little bit about each idea. I hope you enjoy reading and please let me know if you try anything out, I’d love to hear your experiences!

Mapu’a ‘a Vaea Blowholes

Mapu’a ‘a Vaea means Chief’s Whistles. This site is popular amongst tourists and even locals love coming to see this extraordinary display of nature. These blowholes are on best display when it’s windy and the waves are larger on the coast. This allows for the water to be forced into the jets and blasted into the air. You won’t find this phenomenon anywhere else. Tonga is full of really cool water features. Some people say this is by far their favorite attraction in all of Tonga.

Anahulu Cave

The Anahulu Cave is great for underground swimming adventures. This secluded pool of water is sure to be an experience like you’ve never experienced in your life. When you arrive you’ll be brought from the car park area to the cave. From there you have to decide who wants to go first. It can be scary! Like I said, this is a cave. Total darkness and you have to feel your way through until you see the pool lit up. Trust me you won’t want to miss out on this experience.

Ha’amonga’a Maui Trilithon

One of the most popular things to do in Tonga is to visit the Ha’amonga’a Maui Trilithon. This structure is an incredible feat of the past. It’s hard to imagine before machines that this structure could even be dreamt of creating. The slots in the large base rocks are incredible in themselves. Let alone lifting the third piece to put on top! This structure was created an impressive 800+ years ago.


Tongan Adventures

These are just three suggestions of places to visit in Tonga out of the hundreds of things you could do. Don’t forget to check out the pristine beaches and great local handmade shopping. The items that you’ll find in the Tonga won’t be found anywhere else. The style of the Tongan people is one of a kind, very unique. I hope that on your trip to Tonga you will have an excellent time and try out a few of the suggested adventures that I talked about in this post.

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